Melodie Hoke
Melodie Hoke | Design & Art Direction

Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles

Role: concept, art direction, design, animation Agency: Your Favourite Story Credits: Strategy: Scott Eggerton | Developer: James Jennings | Creative director: James Green

Mercedes-Benz offer an impressive range of luxury electric or partially electric passenger cars. The trouble was that few of their customers understood the difference between a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric car. Many prospective customers also may have shied away from purchasing an electric car out of fear that there wouldn't be enough conveniently located charging stations for them to use, when in fact there are thousands of charging stations in the UK. Your Favourite Story set out to address these misconceptions around charging stations and electric vehicles, through a set of digital displays at retailers and pop up shops around the country.

On MPSii portrait devices, users could explore each electric vehicle category, then browse models within the range and find charging stations near them.

Across landscape touchtable devices, the experience was similar but more comprehensive. Here, users could view more extensive information on the three different EV categories, plus browse specific vehicle models in detail.


The original concept prompted users to fill out a form about their electric vehicle requirements, but had to be simplified as internet access was not guaranteed at every location.

The landscape and portrait touchscreen displays were featured in Mercedes-Benz popups and showrooms all over the UK.