Melodie Hoke
Melodie Hoke | Digital Design & Art Direction

Bloody Good Period | Tampon Taboo

In honour of International Women's Day, Your Favourite Story asked me to create a piece of content to share on social media. I got thinking about the taboo topic of periods at work and that gave me an idea for a mockumentary-style film to poke fun at it. So I teamed up with a copywriter and we wrote the script together, then filmed and edited all in about two weeks! The film is not only funny and relatable, but for a bloody good cause. We created it as part of a larger campaign to raise money for Bloody Good Period, a social enterprise which fights period poverty in the UK, because the only thing worse than a visit from Aunt Flo is not being able to afford the period products you need.

The film hit over 20k views on Facebook within the first day it aired, and has been praised by industry bodies like Creative Equals, Bloom UK and The Other Box.

Role: creative lead (concept, art direction, scriptwriting, design)

Agency: Your Favourite Story

Credits: Copywriting: Krish Puri | Videography: Charlie Delahunt | Creative director: Darren Groucott


Here are a few scamps, the storyboard and mood board that I put together as part of the concept development phase.


To tease and promote the launch of our film, we created several pieces of static social content and imagery to populate our fundraising page.